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Hemorrhoidal Banding Specialist

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Internal hemorrhoids that develop inside the anal canal can be sore and painful. At the offices in Baytown, North Loop, Houston, and Humble, Texas, GI Specialists of Houston’s expert gastroenterologists perform hemorrhoidal banding to quickly and effectively treat internal hemorrhoids. To see how you could benefit from hemorrhoidal banding, call GI Specialists of Houston or book an appointment online today.

Hemorrhoidal Banding Q & A

What is hemorrhoidal banding?

Hemorrhoidal banding is an in-office procedure that removes internal hemorrhoids. It’s also known as hemorrhoid ligation or rubber band ligation.

Hemorrhoidal banding is a quick procedure that doesn’t require any anesthetic or sedation. It involves tying off your hemorrhoids using rubber bands.

The rubber bands tighten around the hemorrhoid and stop blood flow. Without a blood supply, the hemorrhoid shrinks, and after a week or so, it falls off.

Why would I need hemorrhoidal banding?

There are several reasons why you might benefit from hemorrhoidal banding. For one, if you have a painful or bleeding internal hemorrhoid, you may need hemorrhoidal banding.

Internal hemorrhoids are veins inside your anus or lower rectum that fill with blood and swell. They’re a kind of varicose vein (twisted and swollen veins that often develop in the legs).

When you have a bowel movement, stools can rub against the swollen vein and make it bleed, especially if you have constipation. That is a common cause of rectal bleeding where you see bright red blood.

Unlike external hemorrhoids, which develop in the skin around your anus, internal hemorrhoids often cause no other problems. However, they can be painful if pressure forces them out of your anus. Hemorrhoidal banding is a simple and effective way of eliminating troublesome internal hemorrhoids.

What does hemorrhoidal banding involve?

Your GI Specialists of Houston provider uses a specialized instrument to hold the hemorrhoid while placing the rubber band around the bottom of the affected vein. You can go home after your procedure, which only takes a few minutes.

You should rest after your hemorrhoidal banding. However, most people are fine to return to work the day after.

You may bleed a little afterward and experience some discomfort for a day or two following hemorrhoidal banding. If you do, over-the-counter pain relief medication is all you need to stay comfortable.

If you have several hemorrhoids, you might need to undergo a series of hemorrhoidal banding procedures every two weeks.

To learn more about a fast and easy resolution of your painful hemorrhoids using banding, call GI Specialists of Houston or schedule an appointment online.