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At GI Specialists of Houston, we specialize in screening for – and preventing – colon cancer, and much more.

The colonoscopy procedure

Colonoscopy is considered the “gold standard” for screening colorectal cancers. It is both diagnostic and therapeutic. It is used to identify and even remove precancerous colon polyps. In addition to colon cancer screening, it screens for other diseases of the large intestine and rectum.

Colon cancer is the second-most deadly of all cancers, killing more people (over 60,000) each year in the U.S. than either breast or prostate cancers. Yet colon cancer is also among the most preventable of all cancers... if it is found and treated early enough. 

Sadly, too many patients put off colon cancer screening because they are afraid of the discomfort or what might be found. They don’t understand that, thanks to today’s anesthesia, there is no discomfort and we typically (over 90% of the time) find – and remove – only benign or precancerous colon polyps. Early removal of these colon polyps prevents cancer. Studies have shown that colonoscopy detects over 98% of colorectal tumors and removes them. 

Other procedures we perform

Our board-certified gastroenterologists have exceptional training and years of experience in all GI procedures, including:

  • TIF procedure – TIF stands for “transoral incisionless fundoplication,” an innovative, no-incision, no-pills and no-scar treatment for acid reflux, or GERD.
  • EGD procedure – EGD stands for “esophagogastroduodenoscopy,” a big medical word that means upper endoscopy using a special lighted scope to examine the upper digestive tract for abnormalities.
  • Gastroscopy – Uses an endoscope to examine the stomach and duodenum for abnormalities.
  • Hemorrhoid banding – The modern treatment for hemorrhoids using an anoscope and specialized rubber bands to cut off the circulation to the hemorrhoid until it dies and falls off.

When you or someone you care about needs today’s latest diagnostic and treatment methods, call on the experts at GI Specialists of Houston. Learn how easy it is to spare yourself from colon cancer and other GI problems.

Let GI Specialists of Houston tackle all your gastrointestinal disorders. Call one of our nearest locations or fill out our online Request an Appointment form to schedule your consultation with us. We offer our services to the communities of Pasadena, Channelview, Deer Park and West University Place as well as Houston.